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Homebidz.com began as a small site with a big vision. We wanted to take a different approach to delivering home listings to the desktops and mobile devices of millions of home seekers. We started by asking the question, "How does today's web searcher like to consume content? How do they like to interact with that content? What makes one source of content more relevant and attractive than another?"

We approached the answer to these questions from several angles. First, we thought through our responses as a consumer looking for the perfect home. We built out workflows and user experience documentation to insure the foundation of our home listings platform was consumer friendly and easy to use. The second thing we discovered in the HomeBidz.com development process was in response to the content consumption question. Our overwhelming response through testing led us to an image forward content presentation in all our consumer interactions. Finally, in response to our need to solve the attractive part of the equation we zeroed in on the data structure and technology behind the site.

Having spent years developing and perfecting HomeBidz.com our team of designers, technical engeeners, and content managers have all come together to deliver the most powerful combination of image forward, technically customized, searcher friendly tools every available in a home seeking experience. We are proud of what we have built, yet we continually improve on our platform based highly on user feedback.

We are glad you found us. Our goal is simple, making homefinding fast and simple saving homeseekers time and money through informative and technologically advanced listing delivery.

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