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Home Seekers - Terminology You Need To Know via @homebidz

Home Seekers – Terminology You Need To Know

There will be times during the home buying process that you will need to know all kinds of terminology. Here are some of the uncommon terms that you may need to be familiar with….
This is How to Find The Perfect Family Home via @homebidz

This is How to Find The Perfect Family Home

It doesn’t have to be difficult to locate that perfect family home, do you think?  But, how can you find exactly what you want from a home?  Is there a perfect family home?  Some…
What You Need to Know about Jumbo and Conforming Loans via @homebidz

Can You Get a Mortgage Through a Money Lender?

In case you want something changed regarding the loan you get from a bank, the bank charges you a set fee. Well, this happens with money lenders as well, but they are more flexible than…

This is Why There's Hope Now if You're Facing Foreclosure via @homebidz

This is Why There’s Hope Now if You’re Facing Foreclosure

If you’re currently facing foreclosure, an advocacy group called Hope Now, according to, has helped homeowners avoid delinquency by utilizing short sales and other techniques. They say serious delinquencies fell about 2% in…
This is How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent via @homebidz

The 1st Step to Take Before You Buy a Home

The very first step you should take before you buy a home is to figure out how much you can afford to spend. Treat your relationship with your first home like all relationships: don’t…