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This is How To Prioritize Your Home Search via @homebidz

This is How To Prioritize Your Home Search

With any type of home search you really need to get your priorities straight from the start. You can follow these helpful tips to get your search organized and make finding a…
This is How to React During Home Tours via @homebidz

This is How to React During Home Tours

After you have gone through the home search process, it will be time to actually go and view homes. When you are working a seller’s agent, you should always keep in mind…

Why You Need to Buy a Home Now via @homebidz

This is How to Save Money With Home Buying

For any first time home buyer, being able to save money during the home buying process is essential. There are a few ideas that you can keep in mind when you start…
Shopping For Your Perfect Home via @homebidz

This is How to Shop For Your Perfect Home

Finding the perfect home will involve a lot more than just looking at homes online. You will actually need to get out there and get up close and personal with each home…
Why it's Time to Upgrade Your Home and Save for a New One via @homebidz

Make Each Home Tour A Learning Experience

Let’s face it: buying a home is a learning experience. Even if you’ve bought homes in the past, every experience brings new information and situations. Anyone who is new to buying a home should…
This is Why You Should Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan via @homebidz

This is What To Do After Buying A Home

For first time home buyers, you may sail through the home buying process, but what do you do after you have purchased a home? There are a few items that you will need to…