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How To Choose The Right Type of Home For You

When you enter into the home buying process, it can sometimes be a bit tempting to jump right into picking a home, but before doing this, it is important to know exactly what type…

What You Need To Know About Closing via @homebidz

This is What to Look Forward to When Closing

What To Expect The Day Before Closing

Closing on a home can sometimes be the most stressful point for many home buyers. This is because there is so much involved in this step and a…
Did You Know About these Types of Mortgages? via @homebidz

Did You Know About these Types of Mortgages?

Types of Mortgages You May Not Know About Yet

If you are searching for a home loan, then you probably already know that there are quite a number of types of mortgages to be found….
This is How to Take Advantage of an FHA Loan via @homebidz

This is How to Take Advantage of an FHA Loan

Three Very Important Facts About FHA Loans

FHA loans are some of the best options for buyers who may not have perfect credit. It is also a good idea for buyers who may have trouble…
The First Mortgage Isn't Always the Best Deal via @homebidz

The First Mortgage Isn’t Always the Best Deal

Searching For the Right Mortgage

When you start your search for a mortgage you may find it to be an overwhelming aspect of the home buying process. Even so, these facts will help you know…
Your Budget Isn't Made to be Broken #budget #buyingahome #homebidz

Your Budget Isn’t Made to be Broken

Although it may be tempting at first, if you are a first time home buyer, or a veteran to buying a home, it is never a good idea to go over what your set…