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The below listed terms oversees the use of Homebidz.co and its services. By using Homebidz.co, either through subscription, searching or viewing content, you consent to the below listed terms and limitations that they entail. Should you have any disagreement with the terms and conditions, you should cease any use of Homebidz.co

These terms and conditions exist as a continual agreement, held between you and Homebidz.co and modify your privileges. Please carefully review the following information.

Modifications to "Terms and Conditions"

Any changes made can be found by browsing to this page. This will always display the most up-to-date Terms and Conditions and will automatically override any previously published editions. Continued use of Homebidz.co and its services serve as renewed agreement of these changes.


All material submitted through Homebidz.co and its services are subjected to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy page. Please be sure to read our Privacy Policy to understand these terms.

Billing & Subscription Information

The online subscription service offered by Homebidz.co, gives members access to an extensive database of various real estate listings, beneficial property information and relevant services.

Homebidz.co offers a ten day trial period. The subscription cost of $46.89 per month is charged to the payment method of your choice, at the end of the complimentary trial. Your paid subscription starts the day after your $1.00 trial period has ended.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed, at the terms agreed to at the commencement of the service, until it is discontinued by Homebidz.co, at your request. Please note that the ten day trial period is applicable for first-time subscribers to Homebidz.co and is unable to be mixed with other offers, discounts or specials.

Registering for Homebidz.co and its services requires an internet connection and an authentic form of acceptable payment (credit or debit cards). Homebidz.co reserves the right to update, terminate and change the available subscriptions.

Please note that some credit card companies pre-authorize payments when the trial period begins. This pre-authorization is not a charge being made to your card, but serves as a reserve against available credit, to keep the sale in place once the complimentary period has ended. If you wish to cancel your subscription before any charges are made through your payment method, you must cancel your subscription before the complimentary trial ends. Please note that it may take 1-2 days for the pre-authorization to be removed from your credit or debit card, depending on the policy of the applicable financial institution.

By subscribing to the services provided by Homebidz.co, you specifically grant Homebidz.co the permission & authorization needed to bill regularly scheduled subscription fees, as well as any other charges that may be applicable to the Homebidz.co services. The subscription fees will be withdrawn from your payment method at the beginning of the your paid subscription and each consecutive term after, as agreed upon in your initial subscription agreement, until the subscription is terminated. You may sign into your account to check the details of your subscription, including billing dates and fees. Fees, amounts and charges are subject to change without notice.

Renewal Policy

At the time the subscription is started, you will have selected the cycle term desired (monthly). Your subscription through Homebidz.co is renewed at the start of each recurrent subscription term & is billed to your method of payment at that time. The subscription will be renewed, without notice, as previously outlined, until cancelled or terminated. Once the subscription is renewed, you will be billed for the entirety of that subscription cycle. Subscriptions must be cancelled or terminated before the automated renewal in order to avoid being billed for the next subscription renewal.


As a customer to Homebidz.co, any information passed through various forms of communication such as telephone, email, etc, is collected by the website. Your communication with Homebidz.co serves as your agreement with Homebidz.co to collect, store and use this information at its discretion, including publication in a commerical environment.

Disclaimers & Limitations of Liability

All services provided by Homebidz.co, including articles, information, and listings are arranged as is. We do not guarantee, warranty or provide insurances for claims made or listings given. All information is provided without representation. Homebidz.co does not accept responsibility or liability for errors or faults made through any information or services provided through Homebidz.co, whether it be thorugh ommission or flaw. Homebidz.co is not liable for any damages that may arise through these faults, disruption in data transference, or content error, either though its content or services rendered. We refuse all representations and warranties on behalf of ourselves and our licensors. We do not guarantee or certify that the information presented through Homebidz.co and its services is given in full, up-to-date or exact. We do not provide assurance that the use of Homebidz.co and its services will not result in damages, security breaches, or other losses. We forfeit any liability for these results. No information provided by Homebidz.co, its services or communication will result in a binding warranty or liability claim.

Any damages incurred through use of Homebidz.co, its services or articles shall never result in our liability to exceed one month subscription cost. All liability shall be restricted to the furthest measure that the law allows.


All content given through Homebidz.co, its services and communications are fully & solely owned by Homebidz.co. Through use of this website, you acknowledge that any code manipulation, extraction, software engineering or dismantling of any portion of the website, services or processes is prohibited.

Additionally, through use and navigation of the site, you agree that no changes to the site, its content, user information, etc., will be orchestrated. Homebidz.co reserves the right to discontinue your subscription without notice should any of these policies be infringed upon. Use of Homebidz.co for profit or commercial use is strictly prohibited.


Homebidz.co is a registered trademark. All designs, logos, artwork, content, scripts and code are service and trademarks for Homebidz.co. These and all other marks may not be used, pirated or duplicated in any way. Use of identifying service marks or trademarks of any kind without exclusive consent from Homebidz.co is prohibited. Other trademarked material found throughout Homebidz.co or its services are the property of their owners. Any persons depicted through images on Homebidz.co are merely part of the sites design and do represent Homebidz.co or pay for services rendered by Homebidz.co


As a subscriber to the Homebidz.co property listing service, you agree to receive communication from Homebidz.co, its providers and its sponsors. These emails will serve as notices regarding your account and may contain updates regarding the Homebidz.co website and its services. These emails are a relevant part of your subscription to Homebidz.co. By signing up for the Homebidz.co services, you are allowing all electronic communications to satisfy any legal requirement. These communications may include disclosures, notifications and updates.


Subscribers must be at least 18 years of age. All images, artwork and information provided through Homebidz.co and its services are for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes. Reproducing, circulating, altering, disclosing or selling information found on Homebidz.co, its services or its communications is prohibited. Violating the terms of this policy may result in the loss of your subscription, and is subject to the discretion of Homebidz.co


Homebidz.co cannot be held responsible for content or policies of external websites that may provide links to Homebidz.co. These websites are not the property of Homebidz.co and are not affiliated in any way.


The above stated terms & conditions are written in concurrence with the law of the state of California. Your participation & subscription to Homebidz.co serves as your agreement that any lawful matters or disputes will take place in the United States District Court and/or California Superior Court of Orange County/Los Angeles. and that these courts will hold sole jurisdiction. Your participation with Homebidz.co and its services acts as consent to personal jurisdiction & venue in the above named courts. All parties agree that any matters involving legal action will take place solely on an individual basis. By using Homebidz.co and its services, you agree to not act in any class action lawsuits associated with Homebidz.co or seek compensation for any persons other than yourself.